Hibino Sound Therapy Lab (HSTL) was formed with the goal of providing whole therapeutic music experiences from creation to transmission by utilizing founder Norihiko Hibino's extensive high-end sound production experience obtained through years of working in the worldwide music and videogame industries.

More recently, HSTL has been conducting research into how sound waves can affect the human body at a cellular level independent of the brain's perception of that sound. Recent studies demonstrate that sound is transmitted via traditional longitudinal waves as well as transverse waves (similar to an electromagnetic wave) that are prominent in high frequencies that the human ear cannot detect, but may have important therapeutic applications.

It is proposed that these transverse waves have a direct effect on the human body at a cellular level, which is to say that we not only experience music with our ears through pathways in the brain, but also with our entire body. This is vitally important when we consider the current receptive approach to music therapy whose effectiveness can be diminished based on the musical preferences of the listener.

To examine this concept further, HSTL is revolutionizing the entire music production process from composition to performance, recording, mixing, mastering, and even listening to maximize the generation of transverse waves to explore their potential benefits.

In addition to that, Hibino thinks 'Love' is another important element.

He came across a blog that described the last three days that a woman spent with her husband who was battling cancer. The husband had signed on to a hospice service for comfort and requested no life-prolonging treatment. The woman relayed her experience holding his hand and providing a compassionate presence that led to her husband departing to heaven in peace.

"There are various opinions about how a person should live, however, still in these days which we are allowed to have a variety of lifestyles, the most essential thing in life is 'love.'"

Reading this, Hibino was moved to completely change his approach to music therapy.

He decided that "healing people" is not the work of man, but rather the work of Almighty God. Human life is in His hands. What sound therapy practitioners should do is provide music with "love" so that people can live a better life because of it.

"Love" is something that the weak, lonely, and hungry eagerly want, even if they have lost everything else. Therefore, wouldn't the world be a happier place of this music could provide even a little love to those who need it most?

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab

principal: Norihiko Hibino
Norihiko Hibino

A graduate of Osaka University studying human science and Berklee College of Music studying jazz composition, Norihiko Hibino started his musical career as a saxophone player performing throughout Japan and the United States before being hired by Konami, a major videogame developer based in Japan. There he composed music for the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series, Zone of the Enders, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many others.

In 2005 he founded GEM Impact, a high-end production studio, and continued his work as a composer, sound producer, and saxophone player. Hibino Sound Therapy Lab was founded to study the effects of music of the human body.

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