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As a hobbyist musician, music editor, and a pharmacist with experience working in palliative and end-of-life care, Jayson has a lot of thoughts on the therapeutic applications of music. He's seen it work wonders in his patients at San Diego Hospice & The Institute of Palliative Medicine and couldn't get through life himself without the calming effects of music.

Recording Session Report: San Diego July 2014

Linda Hill-Phoenix reacts to the camera

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab staff were recently in San Diego recording more music for their HSTL Sound Library series, the purpose of which will be announced soon. The recording sessions took place at SpragueLand, the recording studio of famed jazz guitarist and composer Peter Sprague. The focus of this set of sessions was on live harp music recorded by Linda Hill-Phoenix, but Norihiko Hibino’s saxophone was also featured alongside acoustic guitar and vocals.

What exactly was recorded? The emphasis was on various emotions and states of healing, from comfort and love, to forgiveness and acceptance. The artists performed from the heart with little in the way of sheet music to prompt their musical expressions. Inspirations were drawn from everything from Jewish and Christian hymns to ancient Japanese folk tunes.

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Spiritual Care Part 3: Reconciling Different Religious Beliefs

We’ve been fortunate to have had such a thorough discussion with spiritual counselor Donna-Marie Terranova on the importance of spiritual care at the end of life. This installment will conclude our three-part series, and I highly encourage those who are interested in the topic to revisit parts one and two to get up to speed with the discussion thus far.

This time we touch on a number of practical issues including dealing with religious beliefs that differ from your own, sound therapy (particularly relevant to what we do here at HSTL), and how spiritual counselors are paid for their services.

It’s another interesting read, so sit down, relax, open your mind, and read below!

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Spiritual Care Part 2: Meeting Patients and Families Where They’re At

We’re back with the second part of our lengthy conversation with Donna-Marie Terranova, where we continue to explore the importance of spiritual care in patients and their families as patients approach the end of life. You can read part one of the interview here.

This time we touch on bereavement care, the relationship between body, mind,and spirit, spiritual sensitivity, and a spiritual counselor’s role in “companioning” patients.

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Gentle Love


We’ve looked at music to sleep to, and much more of that is to come, but this time we’re going to dig into Norihiko Hibino’s foray into pop standards. His original Gentle Love album (not to be confused with the Gentle Love performing group with Hibino on saxophone and AYAKI on piano) combines saxophone, piano, and acoustic guitar while visiting pop standards from all around the world, including Japan, China, the Philippines, the United States, and Latin America.

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Harp Therapist Linda Hill-Phoenix


While HSTL’s Norihiko Hibino’s instrument of choice is the saxophone, you should know that this is not the instrument typically associated with sound therapy.

Harp therapy has been around for a long time, and we’ve been fortunate to sit down with certified harp therapist Linda Hill-Phoenix, who uses her talents to treat patients at San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine, to give us a detailed explanation of harp therapy, its benefits to patients at the end of life, and how those who are interested in pursuing such a career can learn more.

It’s certainly an interesting and educational read, so we would like to thank Linda for her time. Feel free to let us know your impressions of harp therapy if you’ve experienced it before as well. Continue reading

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab Vol. 1

hibino sound therapy lab

I mentioned in my sound therapy perspectives article last time that I recommended checking out the Hibino Sound Therapy Lab Vol. 1 album as a good place to start with therapeutic music. I thought it would be a good opportunity to follow up with my own impressions of the album to give you a sense to what to expect as well as provide some samples of my favorite moments on the album.

For those interested, it’s available both digitally and physically from CD Baby for $9.99 and $14, respectively.

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