Sound Engineering

One of Hibino Sound Therapy Lab's fortes is sound engineering with vast experience accumulated through working in the worldwide music and videogame industries. Since microphone technology cannot currently capture transverse waves, we have to think of creative ways to capture the sound from an instrument as naturally as possible.

We place an ultra-high resolution microphone very close to the sound source to capture the vibration as well as omni-directional high resolution microphones further away from the source to capture the natural acoustics.

However, since the richness of sound created by transverse waves tends to record with an extremely wide dynamic range with a traditional longitudinal microphone setup, mixing becomes a critical step during music production. We meticulously adjust the dynamics to optimize the sound for normal speakers. This "peak adjustment" is essential in therapeutic music production.

Finally, post-processing is a key element to fill the spaces between notes and create a smooth soundscape. We employ reverb and delay effects among others to achieve this. These steps also add overtone harmonics to the source which may have added therapeutic benefit.