WHO(Wolrd Health Organization) defines human's health as follow:
"Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab aims to bring joy of life to as many people as possible through holistic approaches in the course of whole sound production process, such as sound creation, performance, sound engineering, and signal transmission.


「音療」には(1)創造 (2)演奏 (3)エンジニアリング (4)伝達の4つの要素があり、それらのバランスが取れている必要があると考えています。
商業音楽の最先端で得たノウハウ・人脈と、10 年近くにわたる「音療」の追求で得た医療・福祉の知見を最大限に生かし、音を通じて「生きていく希望」を一人でも多くの方に届けたいと願っています。

●Heartcare Concert "Music in Heaven"
Concert series delivering hope for living through sensuous approach, such as music, visual, poetry reading. We started this concert in 2013 and have offered more than 100 shows at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and social welfare events.

●Total Soundcare System "Rinshu"
Rinshu consists of beautifully crafted wooden device as well as hi-resolution therapeutic music library (170 songs) created by piano, guitar, harp, violin, and nature sounds. Curved wood creates similar sound as acoustic instruments. This is used in home care, nursing homes, law office, nursery school, office, and individuals for healing inpaired, as a stress-reducing tool.



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